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You’ll be taught by experienced professionals from Ontario’s top nursing colleges – Centennial, Georgian, and Seneca.

We customize the program to match and enhance your learning needs. Reduce your study stress and pass with confidence.

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Healthcare Education and Training Programs

Let us help ensure your staff are up-to-date, complying with and maintaining the latest Health Canada guidelines.

Six-Week NCLEX-RExPN Exam Preparation Program

Providing professional level NCLEX-RExPN preparation to get nurses ready for their exam. Learn with a qualified professor.

We’ve taught healthcare curriculum and principles to over 3,500 Ontario students. Let us help you overcome testing anxiety and pass your exam with our 6-week NCLEX-RExPN Preparation Program.

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We can assist you in following through with the information Health Canada has mandated, educate your staff on Infection Prevention Measures and be there for you when you have additional questions.

Business Education Programs

Client Testimonials

"I had the pleasure of being taught by this wonderful, spirited teacher. She has helped me in so many ways to find the best of myself as a person...Noreen listens, she understands, and most of all she INSPIRES.
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Meet Your Instructor

Noreen Leadbetter is a Master prepared Registered Nurse with 20 years of Nursing experience (front line, administrative management, Professor).

As a nursing professor, she recognized the unique needs of entry-level nurses and IENs. Her desire is to provide support and guidance as they transition into healthcare and learn to navigate our healthcare system and assisting them to develop their confidence as they begin their nursing career.

Stay Informed

Join our NEWSLETTER to keep updated on how SCL is #changinghealthcare.  Highlighting some of the trends that LTC is facing and how to plan to implement strategies for #changinghealthcare.

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